About Us

TorchLight Bioresources Inc. is a Canadian consulting and research company, founded in 2008, focused on critical analyses of bioresources, biomass energy, and bioproducts. TorchLight works in partnership with communities, governments, and companies to examine the potential for bioenergy and bioproducts projects. We offer expertise and experience in biomass conversion technologies, resource assessment and feedstock management, market assessment, community assessment, economic feasibility, and analysis of domestic and international policy options.

Bioenergy and bioproducts is a highly diverse field, with projects requiring expertise in areas ranging from agriculture, forestry, and waste management, to microbiology, chemical engineering, civil engineering, and economics. Therefore, Torchlight Bioresources operates as a network, with expert Consultants drawn from academia, industry, and government providing input, guidance, direction, and review for all of TorchLight’s projects. These TorchLight Consultants are leaders in their fields and benefit from years of experience in biomass management, technology and project development, industrial operations, and policy making. TorchLight Consultants and Project Managers are selected for a project based upon its specific expertise requirements and deliverables.
We have conducted bioenergy and bioproduct assessments at the individual project to national strategy level. By combining scientific and technical expertise with business planning analysis, we determine whether a technology or project will operate as proposed and the conditions required for it to be profitable or meet other required criteria. Our technology-neutral position enables us to evaluate and audit technologies, without bias, to determine the optimal match for a particular biomass resource and market opportunity.

TorchLight is based in Canada's capital, Ottawa.

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