Bioenergy Planning

TorchLight identifies realistic opportunities for bioenergy project and market development for communities, regions, and countries. We can quantify the potential contribution of biomass power and transportation fuels to existing and future energy systems, whether provided by greenfield facilities or integration with existing facilities. A typical energy assessment will involve:

  • Quantification of existing and potential biomass supplies, including domestic, imported, and purpose grown
  • An analysis of an areaís existing and future energy demands, including residential, commercial, industrial and public sectors
  • Identify opportunities that provide the greatest economic return, environmental benefit, job creation, and energy security
  • Compare and contrast biomass with alternative renewable energy options such as solar and wind to provide clients with a comprehensive assessment of the benefits and drawbacks of biomass utilization


Perhaps you are looking to develop a bioenergy project in your region? Or to identify the best location to implement your technology? Whether providing analyses for companies or communities, TorchLight can deliver site-specific assessments quantifying the potential scale, economic returns, benefits, drawbacks, and risks of bioenergy projects. Our dynamic biomass and facility models provide timely results that will enable you to make well-informed decisions.


Many governments have recognized the energy security, economic development, and job creation potential of renewable energy. In order to make policies that capitalize on their regionís competitive advantages (natural or otherwise), it is necessary for governments to quantify their renewable energy opportunity and the contribution it could make to the energy supply, exports, and environmental and economic development objectives. TorchLight staff and associates have prepared both regional (eg. state/province) and national bioenergy assessments, with governments utilizing this information to develop policies and strategies for renewable energy implementation.

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