Fast pyrolysis is a technology with great promise that is used commercially for specialty bioproducts but has thus far not been able to make a significant contribution to the bioenergy sector. Used to make a liquid ‘bio-oil’, fast pyrolysis is making a resurgence in popularity due to developments in bio-oil upgrading technologies. Bio-oil is considered a potential precursor to drop-in petroleum replacements. TorchLight staff and associates have a long history of reviewing pyrolysis technologies and products.

Carbonization, or slow pyrolysis, results in greater production of solid biochar than the fast process. Biochar can be used for production of activated carbon, in high grade potting soil, as a soil amendment to increase productivity, and for long-term carbon sequestration.

While the number of pyrolysis technologies available is large, few have proven commercial viability. TorchLight knows the challenges of pyrolysis and how it can be best used for bioproduct and energy production.

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